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The land where winter is warm

When to go to Sicily? Tips to enjoy an autumn at the beach.

When i rented my first house, the landlord told me that the heating costs were included in the rent, so I thought I was a lucky girl.

Later, I noticed the lack of radiators and realized that, in winter, the light sheets I bought wouldn’t be enough to keep me warm.

After spending the winter months in a freezing Prague, where all my good intentions of “living in a sustainable way” were gone, in favour of excessive use of heaters, the lack of a heater in my room seemed to me a tragedy.

What I still didn’t know is that, in the same year, I would have celebrated my birthday in October at the sea.

The climate here is mild, and autumn is sweet as the grapes of the harvests. Autumn, for me, is even more beautiful than sumer, the season of summer and sea.

Here in Catania, in September, all you need is a little determination: when the sky is clear and the sun caress you without the violence of the past months, can be difficult choosing whether to walk in the woods of Etna or swim among the rocks of Acitrezza.

So, I realized that below zero temperatures are not common here and, in December, the average temperature is around 13 degrees.

If I have to reccomend you the best season to visit Sicily, I would certainly say Autumn.

First of all beacause, if you are a libra like me, you can celebrate your birthday by the sea (for someone born far from the coast, is a dream that come true!). For those born in other seasons, you can still appreciate the mild climate and beautiful sunny days without suffering from the heat. In September and October is still possible to bathe, and, for the most daring, even in some warm days in November.

Attention! If you come from cold norhtern lands, don’t be caught umprepared: remember to pack some short-sleeved t-shirt, or you’ll end up like me, looking for some leftovers summer clothes in downtown stores.

Talking about the cold months, even winter here is mild: near the coast, the winter lows are around ten degrees. To find colder wheather you have to go in the inland or go higher. However, if you are a snow lover and think that Sicily is not your cup of tea, you’ll have to change your mind: in the winter months is even possible to ski, in a unique environment in the world: sliding on a fire mountain looking at the sea.

The scorching heat of the summer months gives way to a winter in which you’ll hardly suffer from the cold, but that will allows you to experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas’ time with its craft markets, typical recipes and with a little luck and go higher you could live even a “white christmas”.

Forget the crowdy beach in August and in autumn, migrate south.

Marzamemi in Sicily



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