Eleonora in Sicily – English

THE TRINACRIA (Sicilian Flag)

A Sicilian emblem I’m a magpie: I can’t resist the charm of flashy and shiny objects. In particular if they are linked in some way to Sicily. When the idea of living in Sicily was still just a dream for me, the possibility of being able to “wear Sicily” was a way to feel a […]

Trekking on Etna – Valle del Bove

And this Christmas 2020, is over too! Although family dinners and toasts were banned because of prohibition of gathering, I haven’t deprived myself of any of the gastronomic delights of Christmas’ time and with Panettoni, Cannelloni, Zamponi, and all the other christmas’ Food”oni” it was YOLO time for me! Now, like every year, I find […]


About me

Born in Lombardia, I studied conservation of Cultural Heritage and Economics of Art in Venice. After a life lived in Northern Italy, I decided to follow my passion and start a new adventure in the land that I have considered my real home: Sicily. Fascinated by the charm of history, archeology, traditions, enchanting landscapes and good food, I decided to transform myself from a tourist to a “Sicilian wannabe”: in this blog i tell Sicily and its excellences through my eyes, a journey which is leading me to understand the essence of “Sicilianity”.

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