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Trekking on Etna – Valle del Bove

And this Christmas 2020, is over too! Although family dinners and toasts were banned because of prohibition of gathering, I haven’t deprived myself of any of the gastronomic delights of Christmas’ time and with Panettoni, Cannelloni, Zamponi, and all the other christmas’ Food”oni” it was YOLO time for me!

Now, like every year, I find myself out of breath as I take down the Christmas tree and I think it might be time to finally leave the table and lift something that is not just a fork.

Aided by the closed gym, the best way to get back doing some cardio, is definitely a good walk. When I decide it’s time to exercise and get in touch with nature, a day of trekking on Mount Etna is the best solution for me.

Path to Valle del Bove

If you are a “weekend warrior” like me, a not too tiring but with a great satisfaction path, is the one that leads to Bove Valley, on the eastern side of the mountain.

Leaving the car not far from the Sapienza Refuge, we walked the path called “Schiena dell’Asino” (a particular name that means “Donkey back” and that is inspired by the pace of the path which rises and falls like the shape of the donkey’s back). The walk is not so heavy and it is short-lived, but the view that awaits you at the end of this path is truly unexpected!

During the walk immersed in the trees, you can see the Crateri Silvestri that we left at the beginning of our walk (the craters near the refuge, at 1900 mt. above sea level) and you’ll also enjoy the view of a puffing summit crater.

Arriving at the edge of the slope, the panorama that opens up is incredible: an infinite lava flow, an expanse as black as the night, overlooking the sea; in this depression the magma that springs from the eruptions il collected: here is the Valle del Bove.

At the top there is a lot of wind but the view repays any effort! We stayed here for some time, to observe this breathtaking valley. Accustomed to living our daily lives in front of the blue light of a screen, we feel lost in front of the immensity of this panorama. “The Mountain” (here, the Etna is called only the mountain), is always able to amaze me and being in front of this lava desert give me strange feelings: its immense beauty leads me to admire it with awe.

I assure you that, even in the days following your walk, it will be difficult to forget such an exceptional landscape. A great way to stretch your legs, burn some meal off, and discover the wonders of this unique land!

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Mount Etna (East) – Valle del Bove